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Why The Gospel Truth Magazine?


“God called our pastors to preach the word. He called us to help them spread it.”

Let us help you reach the market we serve.


THE CHURCH is perhaps the single most vibrant institution in the lives of the people it serves. In communities around the country, government and social service agencies pale in comparison to the influence of the church.


THE CHURCH is truly the heart of the community. In fact, you may say that it is the community. Throughout all of American history, our churches have been a constant factor in our growth and development.


There is no greater or more powerful institution that exists today for any group of people than that of the church. Our churches represent a group of people that lead stable lifestyles, have positive life experiences and rely on their faith in God to get them through the everyday challenges of life. We greatly appreciate our relationships with the faith community and respect the contributions of our churches and pastors in providing spiritual guidance to thousands of families in the markets we serve.


* Ads must be produced to specific page sizes (i.e.: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2- please refer to diagrams)

* Minimum resolution of 300 dpi

* All color ads must be converted to CMYK (for optimal print quality).

* For ads not supplied correctly, The Gospel Truth does not accept responsibility for the printing quality of digitally provided ads.


* Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, high-resolution with all fonts embedded, and CMYK color

* Adobe Photoshop files (.jpg, .jpeg, .eps or .tif) high resolution 300 dpi

* Adobe Illustrator files saved as .eps

If you are creating your ads in Windows or PC based format, your final file must be saved as a high-resolution .pdf or .jpg


Email to OR supply Mac formatted CD accompanied with a print out of the ad


The Gospel Truth is published the first Sunday of every month. All ads are due on the 20th of the month.

We request artwork and payment within 48 hours of space reservation.  Make checks payable to The Gospel Truth. Credit card payments are also accepted.

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